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Game Changers Golf Fitness


Launched in 2020, The Academy for Golf Fitness, is where fitness and golf meet.

From beginner to accomplished golfer, The Academy for Golf Fitness team designs lesson, practice and development programs to help all golfers achieve their playing goals and have more fun playing golf.

The Academy for Golf Fitness coaches are Titleist Performance Institute certified.

The Academy for Golf Fitness services include: Individual lessons, group lessons, practice programs and more.



Golf Conditioning

Golf is a game of skill that pulls together many moving pieces with precision and timing. If any one of those parts isn’t working as it should, the whole swing falls apart. This often happens if you get an injury, even a minor one. It can cause a problem in mechanics and lead to additional aches and pains as you try to compensate by changing your swing or playing through the pain. Golf may appear to be a leisurely sport, but it’s a serious athletic pursuit that should be approached with fitness and conditioning.

 “If the body can move better, you can form a repeatable swing for more consistent shots,”

junior golf

Junior Development

Our Junior Golf Schools will develop athletes first, create competitive golfers second and produce a love for the game of golf along the way.

Many junior golf schools were developed with an adult mind-set, and focus on one dimension - the golf swing. Kids like to sing, dance, skip, crawl, and play games. 

Sport-specific skills are built around basic movements and skills. Sport skills will never reach the level you want if children miss these fundamentals


Combining Performance and Entertainment


Whether your goal is training, entertainment, or both, our simulators will meet your needs.

The Trackman Simulators found at The Academy for Golf Fitness takes the fun of a simulator and adds tons of technology to help users to improve their game. This isn’t just about hitting some balls at a screen, but learning what it takes to raise your game to the next level.


Constant practice will lower your score on the Links. Make par or a birdie with much more consistency when you are swinging the club and making good contact day after day.

See a complete list of courses here.

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