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Best Body Parts to Target To Play Golf

The words golf and fitness may seem like oxymorons. John Daly, of the "Grip It and Rip It" philosophy, was never a model of health whenever he walked around the green. But golf is a sport that requires strength and stamina, especially for those who want to play it for a living.

But what body parts should you target to achieve golf fitness? What else should you do? Read on to learn more.

Your Gluteus Maximus (Butt)

This is the best area to start with your workout, since your butt does a lot when it comes to things like your hip rotation while you are on both your backswing and downswing. You need a strong butt too, so that you are in a proper finish position and not prone to toppling over.

Pectorals and Latissimus Muscles

If you have strong pectorals and latissimus muscles, you will be able to consistently keep good form when you bring your arms across your body and then raise them in the air. All of these play a key part in your golf swing and you don't want to lose your form when you are on Hole No. 12. That can make for a rough rest of the day.


You need a strong core since you are going to be rotating your body a lot, especially when you tee off. Having a stable core can help you ensure that the rest of your lower body is not going to be lagging behind when you swing your club. The lower body, core, and upper body act like a kinetic chain and if there is a weak link, then your whole game can suffer.


If you watch a baseball game, you will see that the hitters all have tremendously thick forearms. That is because they can help propel the bat through the hitting zone much quicker and create more force when the bat connects with the ball. The same thing can be said for when a golf club sweeps through its swing plane. Your body creates a lot of force and the forearms help direct that into the club. You want strong forearms.

There are a variety of exercises that can be done. They include:

  • Box squats

  • Chops

  • Resistance band exercises

These are just some exercises to help you reach your fitness. Cardio is also important, since you will be walking around a lot if you do not use a cart. Flexibility is key too, since a stiff body can lead to injury. Do all of these things and you can enjoy yourself on the golf course.

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