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Golf Course Success Driven by Data

Golf is addictive; there’s no question about it.

Think about it. You’re on the course and make an excellent shot. You’re happy and can’t wait to do it again. Or, the reverse is true. You make a poor shot, and while you’re in the woods looking for your ball, you can’t wait to give it another go because you know you can do better. You are hooked either way.

Why not get enjoyment out of your game? Enjoy the highs and reduce the lows with proper golf training and fitness.

All players have questions about their swings, what they’re doing right and what they need to improve. Rather than guess and tinker with your swing without helpful input, you can get the exact information you need with K-Vest.

This incredible piece of technology helps amateur and pro golfers alike analyze their swings and boost performance. Wireless sensors collect real-time 3D data, and you can access this biofeedback information to see how your swing is working. This gives you the ability to identify and fix golf swing mistakes while creating more speed and power. Even small changes can pay a big dividend on the scorecard.

Better form not only helps your game, but it helps your fitness, too. Having a loose, smooth swing and follow-through means fewer injuries and more enjoyment.

We all know that playing is more fun than practicing, but using the K-Vest and hitting balls on the driving range will pay off with rounds that are even more fun thanks to a consistent, effective swing that’s repeatable time after time.

Professional fitness trainer Marcel West has the technology and training you need to improve your golf swing and your fitness level at the same time. His golf conditioning program provides you with the tools to boost flexibility, endurance, and power on the course. Get in touch today to learn more.

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